Our Brands

These are brands which we own. You can see examples of our work with these brands.


Offensively Patriotic

This is a news-based brand with humor, reviews, investigations and more! You can see writing examples of ours and others along with merch designs and video productions.


One Amend

This is a social media website much like Facebook. This is a good example of web design, development and custom code.



The Paraterrestrial Files

This is a paranormal, myths and creatures website. This will lead you to examples of writing, image editing and video production.



H.L. Wampler

Mrs. Wampler is a published author. She has also self-published many novels. Go see her writing examples, as much of the writing we will do for you, will come from her and others like her.



Memory Hole Media

This is a brand dedicated to the capture and collection of old memories from media like movies, video games and commercials. You’ll find major video editing and production examples here.



These clients are made up of people, companies, businesses and brands.


This Could Be You

This spot could be yours.



This is a Committee of Safety organization which we handle the website design, video production/editing and marketing for.




This spot could be yours.